Much more than a common CRM

| Automations

By far the feature we are the most proud off, we have dozens of automations ready to go for your business with many more to come. You can also create them as you like.
Create hyper personalized messages using AI based on your customer's data, create a deep connection with all of your clients, as your current clients are the best marketing you will ever have. Missed Call Text Back, Review Management, IVR Systems and a lot more for you to take your business to the next level.

Our goal at ScalefyAI is to help businesses enhance their relationship with their customers in a way that makes your clients feel at home, and the ScalefyAPP allows just that. Hyper personalisation at scale and a lot more.

| E-mail and SMS Marketing

Create personalized email or SMS marketing campaigns specific to a group of your clients. The app has a visual email builder that will make the process of making a beautiful email seamless.

Don't worry about all of the features that the App has. We will run 90% of the features of the app for you, but if you want to get creative you will have access to:

  • Support throughout the week

  • Video Course on all of the features

  • Chatbot exclusive to our Clients

See how the ScalefyAPP is integrated in our AI-Powered System below!

| Unified Inbox

Receive and reply to all your messages and reviews that come from SMS, Instagram, Facebook, and Google my business from one place.

| Sales Funnels

Take your clients from complete strangers to customers like you never thought was possible. We know all about building funnels that convert.